Coconut Water

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Coconut Water

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8.4fl.oz (6-pack) 100% pure microfiltered coconut water from the Philippines Artisan designer glass bottles by Alasdhair Willis (w. Stella McCartney) Not from concentrate, no added sugar or preservatives. No BPA or Phthalates gluten free, vegan and vegetarian Naturally isotonic with 5 essential electrolytes (potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorous) Only 50 calories per 250ml serving, zero fat and cholesterol

Jax Coco is the only 100% pure coconut water in a glass bottle. Loved by Stella McCartney, Elton John, Sienna Miller + Jamie Oliver.
To deliver the freshest, best-tasting coconut water on the planet, lovingly packaged in an elegant glass bottle.

Inspired by the crisp, coconut water that it champions, Jax Coco unites pure, premium, micro-filtered coconut water with a tasteful, minimalist design.

Serve chilled, drink for life.