Organic Thyme Honey


Organic Thyme Honey

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Honey is considered one of the most valuable, nutritious and healthiest foods. Having it in our daily diet gives us vitality and contributes to a healthier and longer life.Hippocrates, the father of medicine as well as other important people of the past suggested honey as a medical treatment for various purposes.

This is a view widely expanded around the world and scientifically verified.

Greece has a long tradition in apiculture and has more beehives per acre than any other country in Europe. Greek honey is very distinctive and is considered to be some ofthe finest honey in the world. This is largely due to the rich variety of Greek flora and unlimited summer sun as well as the minor human intervention to nature.

The biodiversity of the Greek countryside means that there are multiple types of Greek honey, each with its own particular properties and flavors.

We travelled to Kythnos, a small traditional island of Cyclades at Aegean Sea. It is known for its warm mineral springs working as natural spas and its rich land. Kythnos has been considered by some people a “blessed” place, because since the ancient years the inhabitants of the island were known not only about taking care of their land, but also about their legitimacy and their love to arts and culture.

The nature in Kythnos gives one of the best honeys in the world, authentic thyme honey, since there is no other type of flora which intervenes in apiculture. Consequently, the island provides an excellent environment for organic honey production.

We found the treasure of honey in Kythnos. Certified organic, original thyme honey, produced by the most well taken care beehives by people who work with patience and love.

This organic thyme honey collects all the aromas and the flavors between the land and the sea of Kythnos, packed in a jar under all safety and hygiene contemporary needs.

We offer it in a packaging that this product deserves: top quality glass jar, hand-labelled with graphics which narrate its story and a lot of care and love up to the last detail.

“Stories of Greek Origins” Organic Thyme Honey from Kythnos Cyclades, is a distinguished honey with exceptional aroma and flavor , vivid golden color and taste of the highest quality.  It is surely an ultra premium, special gift of nature.

Discover the story….enjoy the taste experience…